Bengali for Tourists

Bengali is said to be the sweetest language in the world. Knowing the language as a tourist really helps you realise the sweetness of the language. Learn few basic words and see the magic when you visit the land of Rasagullas. Here is a list of basic words in Bengali translated from English which would prove very helpful for travelers and tourists.

How are you?Kemon Achhen ?BhaloGood
What’s your name?Tomar nam ki? / apnar nam ki?BadKharap
My name is …Amar nam …LessKom
Pleased to meet/talk to youKhub bhalo laglo porichôe/alap hoeMuchBeshi
Long time no seeOnek din dekha neiMoneyTaka
Where are you from?Apni kotha theke ashchhen?OKThick Acche
I’m from …Ami … theke ashchhiVery goodKub Bhalo
Meet you againAbar Dhekha HobeCome hereEdike Eso
Would you please write it down for me?Ektu likhe deben?To RightDaan dika
What is the price?Dam Koto ?To LeftBa Dika
Can you speak English?Apni Ingreji bolte paren?Come laterPoore Aso
Can you speak Bengali? Yes, I can speak a littleApni Bangla bolte paren?ji, ektu bolte pariExcuse meshunun / ei je
How do you say it in Bengali?e?ar bangla ki? Sorrydukkhito / maf korben
How much is this?ei jinish?ar kôto dam? Thank you dhonnobad
What is the fare?Bhara Koto ? Let us go Cholo Jai
Which  way?Kon Dika  ? Bring Food Khabar Niye Eso
Where’s the toilet?Tôelet i kothae?
Very much (or Very Expensive)Khub BeshiDays
Will you go to Sheraton?Sheraton Jaabe ?SundayRobibar
I love you very muchAami Tomake khub BhalobashiMondaySomber
You are very goodTumi khub BhaloTuesdayMongolbar
you said that rightThik bolechhenWednesday Budbar
( I ) don`t like/ I am not feeling wellBhalo Lage NaThursdayBrihospotibar
I am hungryKhuda LagacheFridaySukkrobar
Don’t disturb meBirokto KoronaSaturdaySonibar
May I come in please? Come inAste Pari Ki ?Aso
1 Ek20 Bish
2 Dhui30 Tirish
3 Teen40 Chollish
4 Char50 Ponchaash
5 Paach60 Shaatt
6 Chhoi70 Sottur
7 Saat80 Aashi
8 Aat90 Nobboi
9 Noi100 Soto/Ek Sho
10 Dosh500 Paach Soto
1000 Ak Hajar
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