Temples of North India

North India is a home of temples and shrines. The glorious past of ancient India has gifted North India with many splendid temples that have found a place in World Heritage list. North Indian temples are the centre of attraction for their amazing architecture. Most of them have been designed in typical Nagara style of temple architecture.
Some of the famous temples in North India are below :
Temples in Delhi are a blend of ancient and modern Indian architecture. Some of the important temples are Kalkaji Temple, Lotus Temple, Birla Mandir, Kali Bari Mandir, Chattarpur temple
Akshardham temple Swaminarayan Akshardham reflects the essence and magnitude of India's ancient architecture, traditions and timeless spirituality. The main monument, depicting ancient Indian "vastu shastra" and architecture, is a marvel in pink sandstone and white marble that is 141 feet high, 316 feet wide and 370 feet long. It is built along the river Yamuna and lies over an area of around 100 acres with beautiful gardens, water fountains and carved pavilions. 
Laxmi Narayan Temple, also known as Birla Mandir, is one of Delhi's major temples and a major tourist attraction. Built by the industrialst G.D. Birla in 1938, this beautiful temple is located in the west of Connaught Place. The temple is dedicated to Laxmi (the goddess of prosperity) and Narayana (The preserver). The temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi on the condition that people of all castes will be allowed to enter the temple.
Kalkaji Temple  is situated beyond the commercial complex of Nehru Place in Delhi. This domed twelve-sided temple is devoted to Goddess Kalka Devi. The oldest section of the Kalka Ji Mandir of New Delhi dates back to the year 1764-1771, when the Marathas were in power. However, some renovation and additions were carried out in the mid-19th century. 
Lotus Temple is situated 12 km to the southeast of Connaught Place. Architecturally one of the most splendid temples of India, Delhi Lotus Temple is called so because it is built in the shape of a Lotus flower. The temple got completed in the year 1986 and rises to a height of more than 40 m.
Himachal Pradesh is said to be the land of God and Goddesses, often caled ‘Devabhumi’. Some of the famous temples of this region include Baijnath Temple, Himachal,Jwalamukhi Temple at Dharamshala, Chamunda Devi at Kangra, Chaintpurni,Laxmi Narayan Temple at Chamba.

Naina Devi Temple  one of the most important Shakti Peeths of India, is situated in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. Raja Bir Chand got this temple constructed in the 8th century. The popular hill resort located in Himachal Pradesh known by the name of Nainital has been named after the famous Naina Devi Temple. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi and is located on top of the Naina Hill in Bilaspur.
Jwalamukhi Temple The temple is perched on a ridge called Kali dhar. The shrine has no idol as such, the emanation of the gas is believed to be a manifestation of the goddess Jwalaji. Jwalamukhi is said to be the spot where the half-burnt tongue of Sati fell, hence the burning flames or 'tongues' of fire.
Khajuraho Temples, Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho group of temples in Central India is one of the most illustrious manifestations of Indian architecture. These 10th-11th century temples represent religiosity, patronage, artistic genius and aesthetic sensibility all at once. Built in the typical 'Nagara' style of architecture, over 20 of the original 85 temples have survived the climate for more than a thousand years.
Raghunath Temple, is situated in the heart of the city of Jammu. Surrounded by a group of other temples, this temple, dedicated to Lord Rama is outstanding and unique in Northern India. It is the largest temple complex in northern India. Though 130 years old, the complex is remarkable for sacred scriptures, one of the richest collections of ancient texts and manuscripts in its library. Its arches, surface and niches are undoubtedly influenced by Mughal architecture while the interiors of the temple are plated with gold.
Some of the other well known temples include Mahakaleshwar Temple, Teli ka Mandir, Golden Temple  Punjab, Sanchi Sthupas  Madhya Pradesh, Sheetala Devi Temple  Haryana, Badrinath Temple Uttarakhand, Kedarnath Temple, Amaranth Cave Temple  Kashmir

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