Malayalam for Tourists

Though the people of Kerala speak and understand both Malayalam and English it would prove really useful if you learn a few essential words and sentences in Malayalam that can help you find a way or communicate something important when you visit a remote area.
Here is a list of basic words in Malayalam which is very helpful for tourists and travelers.
English Malayalam
Hello Namaskaaram Yes Athey
How are you? sughamaano? No Alla
Fine, thank you Ssherri. Nanthi Help! Sahaayikkoo !
What is your name? Ningalude paer enthaanu? Please Dayavu cheythu
My name is ______ Ente paer ______ aanu Look out! Nookkoo !
Nice to meet you Parichayappettathil valare santhosham Thank you Nanthi. (Nanhi)
You’re welcome Swaagatham Water Vellam
Goodbye Vidhan. Pinne Kaanam Good morning Suprabhaatham.
Goodbye (informal) Veendum Kaanaam Ningal Eglish Samsaarikkumo? Good night Shubharaathri
I can’t speak Malayalam Enikku ‘Malayalam’ Samsaarikkan ariyilla I’m sorry Ennodu Kshamikkoo
Do you speak English? Ningal Eglish Samsaarikkumo? Evide English ariyunnavar aarenkilum undo ? Excuse me. (begging pardon) Kshamikko
s there someone here who speaks English? Evide English ariyunnavar aarenkilum undo ?
I don’t understand. Enikku manassilaayilla  Time
Where is the toilet? Toilet (Kakkoos) Evideyaanu ?  now    Ippol
Don’t touch me! Enne thodaruthu !  later   Pinne
I’ll call the police. Njaan policine vilikkum  before   Munpey.
I need your help Enikku ningalude shaayam venam
It’s an emergency Ithu athhyaavashyamaanu  morning  Prabhatham, Raavile
I lost my bag. Ente bag nashtappettu  afternoon  Uchhakku
I’m sick. Enukku sukhamilla  evening  Vyikunneram
I’ve been injured. Enikku murivu patti  night  Raathri
I need a doctor Enikku doctorude sahaayam venam
Can I use your phone? Njaan ningalude phone upayogichootte
I’m not interested. enikyu thalpariyam illa  Lodging
How much is a ticket to _Kottayam____? Ethra rupayanu Kottayathekku ticket ?  May I see the room first?  Aathyam muri kandote?
One ticket to _Kottayam____, please Kottayathekku oru ticket venam  …bigger?  …valiya
Where does this train/bus go? Engottanu ee bus/train pokunnathu?  …cleaner?  …virthi ulla
Does this train/bus stop in __Kottayam___? ee bus/train kottayathu nirutthumo?  …cheaper?  …vila kuranja
When does the train/bus for _kottayam____ leave? eppolaanu Kottayathekkulla ee bus/train povuka?  OK, I’ll take it  ok enikku ithu mathi
Can I have a bag? Oru sanchi/cover  kittumo?  I’m a vegetarian.  Njan Sasyabhojiyaa
That’s too expensive athu othiri kooduthalaa  How much is this?   ithu etreykyu aane
How do I get to the train station? Engine enikku railway stationanil ettham?  I will stay for _____ night(s)  Njan … raatri thamassikkam
Can you show me on the map? Enikku mappil onnu kaanichu tharaamo?  Can you suggest another hotel?  veere hotel undo
towards the _bridge palathinu aduthekku
Do you have any rooms available? Ivide oru muri ozhivindo?
How much is a room for one person/two people? Onno/rendo perkkulla muri vaadeka ethra aanu?
1 oonh 10 pathhu north vadak
2 randuh 20 iruvathuh south thek
3 moonuh 30 muppathuh east kizhak
4 naluh 40 nalpathuh west padinjar
5 anjuh 50 anpathuh uphill kayattathil
6 aaruh 60 arupathuh downhill irakkathil
7 ezhuh 70 ezhupathuh Turn left idatthekku thiriyuka
8 ettuh 80 enpathuh Turn right valatthekku thiriyuka
9 onpathuh 90 thonnooru straight ahead nere povuka
10 pathhu 100 Nooru
1000 aayiram
Sunday Nhayarazcha today innu
Monday Thingalazhcha yesterday innale
Tuesday Chovvazhcha tomorrow naale
Wednesday Budhanazhcha this week iyazhcha
Thursday Vyazhazhcha last week kazhinhayazhcha
Friday Velliyazhcha next week adutha azhcha
Saturday Shaniyazhcha
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