Marathi for Tourists

Though Hindi is spoken commonly in Maharashtra, learning the basics of the native language will surely help to get the best cooperation, thereby making your tour a comfortable one. Here is an attempt to translate few of the frequently used Marathi words which are very useful for tourists..a 10 minute dictionary for you.
English Marathi
Hello Namaskaar Listen Aika
Welcome Swaagat (formal) / Yaa (informal) Come in Aat yaa
How are you? Kasey aahat? Sit down Basaa
Fine Bara ahey (men) / Bari ahey(women) Let’s go Chala Jaauya
What is your name? I'm.... Aaple naav kaay? Mee.... Stop Thambaa
Glad to meet you Tumhala bhetun aanand zhaala Go back Maagey Jaa
Thanks a lot Anek dhanyavaad Go forward Pudhey Jaa
Congratulations Abhinandan Go straight Saral Zaa
I want to get down here Mala ikdey utraiche ahey Good Changla / Chhaan
Next stop Pudhcha stop Goodbye Nirop gheto
Where does this road go? Haa rasta kothe jaato I apologize Mee chuklo
Can you help me please? Krupa karun mala madat kartaa kaa Please Krupa karoon
I agree Mee sahmat ahey Thank you Dhanyavaad
I disagree Mee sahmat nahee I want Mala havay
I request (you) Mee vinanti karto / karte Come back again Parat yaa
Can I make a phone call from here? Mee ek phone karu shakte kaa Excuse me/sorry Malaa maaf kara
How much Will it cost? Hyachi kimmat kaay ahey
Is this water good for drinking? Hey pyayche paani ahey kaa
Where can I hire a taxi? Mala taxi kothe milel
Don’t speak so fast Itkya vegaat bolu nakaa
When do you go back? Apan kevhaa paratjanar
0 Shunya 10 Dahaa
1 Ek 20 Vis
2 Don 30 Tis
3 Teen 40 Chalis
4 Char 50 Pannas
5 Paach 60 Saath
6 Saha 70 Sattar
7 Saat 80 Anshi
8 Aath 90 Nauvad
9 Nau 100 Shambhar
10 Dahaa 500
1000 Hajaar

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