Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

Have you planned anything for this weekend? Do you want to make this weekend an exciting one? If you are staying in Kolkata, then check out these places nearby to make most out of this weekend....
1. Howrah : The sister city of Kolkata, Howrah city is an industrial center situated on the west bank of the Hoogly River.You can take a ferry ride on the river and take a day trip to the city of Kolkata. Old banyan tree in the Shibpur neighborhood of Howrah is said to have the greatest canopy in the world. Botanical Gardens established by the British in 1786 is worth the visit. Make a visit to the Santragachhi Jheel also.
2. Tarakeshwar: One of most popular pilgrimage centers of West Bengal, Tarakeshwar is a small town that attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year. The town is famous for its 18th century Tarakeshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tarakeshwar is located near Serampore near Kolkatta in Bengal. 

3. Baikkhali : one of India’s most secluded beaches, Bakkhali boasts of a beautiful casuarina trees that line white sand beachfront.Catch a fantastic sunset in Bakkhali it will be a special memory for ever.
4. Jiarambati : The picturesque village is surrounded by lush green trees and shrubs, mesmerizing landscapes and meadows and has fantastic rural atmosphere.It is the village in which Sri Ramkrishna, the great saint of India, spent his many years. Saradadevi, revered incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and spiritual life partner of the sage Sri Ramakrishna Pramamhamsa, was born in 1853 AD in this small hamlet. It is said that after the birth of Saradadevi, known as Holy Mother, the land became very fertile and showed prosperity

5. Kamarpukur : A holy place, renowned as the birthplace of great saint Sri Ramakrishna is situated in the Hooghly District of West Benga. Kamarpukur is a scenic village and has a special place as a natural attraction apart from the importance as a religious destination. The natural beauty and the calmness of this place attract thousands of seclusion seeking tourists to this place. There are many serene ponds suitable for undertaking water sports activities and water tourism. 
6. Diamond Harbor: 50 Kms form Kolkata. Situated in the southern suburbs of Kolkata is a perfect place for an exciting weekend. You will be amazed to locate this charming destination within such a short reach from Kolkata. The site is located close to the deltaic region of the city. Formerly known as Hajipur, Diamond Harbour is actually located at a point where River Ganges takes a southward turn to converge with the sea. 

7. Digha: Digha located is 187 km south-west of Kolkata is West Bengal's most popular sea resort and tourist spot. The beach’s scenic beauty enhanced by picturesque sunrise and sunsets, swaying casuarinas plantations and crystal clear waters is simply alluring all the more reasons for the weary Kolkattans to head towards it for a much needed weekend break.
8. Bardhaman : It has got its name from the Jain leader Vardhaman Mahavir.There are many temples and sites of religious interest in Bardhaman that are of tourist value. You can visit Curzon Gate. This majestic structure was constructed in 1903 honoring Lord Curzon. Visit the Hawa Mahal and the tomb of Sher Afghan in Bardhaman, You can see many brick temples tha have terracotta designs in Ambika Kalna.

9. Routpara : 82 Kms from Kolkata. A visit to this less famed destination will guarantee you an extremely excitingly trip. It is located in the Arambagh subdivision of Hooghly district. This charming village of Routpara is a best example for the temple architecture of West Bengal. 
10. Massanjore: 270 Kms from Kolkata. A Weekend break from Kolkata to Massanjore takes people to one of the least explored areas in Jharkhand which is famous because of the Massanjore dam built on Mayurakshi River. A number of activities can be done during the visit to Massanjore dam and with an accommodation at Massanjore, people can have enough time to explore the sightseeing places in and around the city.

11. Dhuturdaha : 51 Kms from Kolkata. Dhuturdaha is a serene village with endless stretches of fishing lakes, vegetable gardens, ponds, palm trees, mango groves, local temples and different shades of village life. Relax de-stress yourself fishing and soaking your legs in the pond. Dhuturdaha is a perfect blend of ethnic charm with modern facilities
12. Taki : 80 Kms from Kolkata. Take out time in the weekend to visit the borders of India along the Ichamati river in the small town of Taki. enjoy the mid-river experience of meeting the countrymen of Bangladesh, on the Ichamati River.You can also visit the ruins of zamindar houses, Ramkrishna Missions, Kali Temple and 300 years old Jora Shib Mandir.

13. Junput: 145 Kms from Kolkata. Junput is an ideal holiday location for those looking for enjoying their holiday in isolation. The rhythmic sound of the sea waves along with the gentle blowing breeze will take away all your exhaustion within few seconds.It is basically a small fishing village. There is no beach as such in Junput. 
14. Jhilli : 180 kms from Kolkata. Jhilli is located 10 kms on concrete and village road from Kharagpur via Gopiballavpur. Spend some fun time and enjoy your picnic around the water body at Jhilli. People in search for some real adventure, can stay here and explore. 

15. Chandannagar : 44 Kms from Kolkata. located in the Hooghly district of West Bengal was colonized by the French people, years ago. Chandannagar Strands on the bank of River Ganges is a hotspot for the locals and the visitors alike. Chandannagar is dotted with a number of tourist attractions, like churches, temples, museums and picnic spots. The place features lush vegetation and is admired with nicely paved pathway and bright lights. A number of buildings of immense historical significance are located here. The prime attraction of the Chandannagar Strand is the Vivekananda Mandir, which is a meditation centre.
16. Farakka Barage: 258 Kms form Kolkata. The Farakka Barrage Project was particularly designed for the maintenance and preservation of the Kolkata Port. It is the longest barrage across the globe featuring a length of around 2,240 metres and has lately been included into the Guinness book of World Records.

17. Bethuadahari : 150 Kms from kolkata. Take an adventure weekend at this great wildlife sanctuary and spend time amidst wild animals. This is a natural place where you will a huge array of animals on the mush green grounds. The entire place is covered with varieties of trees like Shal, Arjun, Teak and Hamjam. The wild animals inhabiting Bethua Dahari are salt water alligator (Gharial), tortoise, mongoose, rabbit and a huge range of snakes. So visiting Bethuadahari can be quite thrilling experience. 
18. Mukutmanipur: 241 Kms from Kolkata. Mukutmanipur is located around a dam in the district of Bankura. The dam harnesses the waters of the Kangsabati and Kumari rivers. The dam itself is worth visiting. It is 10,098 m. long and 38 m. high. The gently lapping lake, covering an area of 86 sq. km., offers a grand view of the sunset. The lake nestles amidst the surrounding greenery and provides boating facilities to the visitors.

19. Mandarmoni : 255 Kms from Kolkata. Mandarmani boasts of a 13 km long motorable beach, probably the longest motorable beach road in India. This is a drive-in beach. The beach is characterized by hard sand which makes it very appropriate for drivingRelax, swim and enjoy the beach. You are not likely to have many visitors around and that's the beauty of this beach. Activities include table tennis, carrom, beach cricket, beach volleyball, and boat cruises.
20. Shantiniketan: The place where you can witness the dream of Rabindranath Tagore materialized. A social setting where cultures synthesize and the mind is in sync with the environment. A unique university where there are classrooms under the skies and in the laps of nature. The range of studies is wide, with an emphasis on art, music, dance and the humanities.

21. Gadiara: 96 Kms from Kolkata. A beautiful tourist spot,Gadiara is located at the meeting point of three rivers- Hooghly, Damodar and river Rupnarayan. The serenity of the place has been surely affected by large crowds and rising number of hotels in the vicinity, but the attraction of Gadiara is same as before.
22. Murshidabad: 225 Kms north of Kolkata. Walk down the historical memory lane of India this weekend, as you travel to one of the most pivotal historic places of West Bengal, Murshidabad. Renowned for the Battle of Plassey in 1757, Murshidabad is that chapter of Indian History that changed the destiny of not only West Bengal but also of India for the next 200 years.

23. Sundarbans: The world’s largest delta and mangrove swamp, is formed by the merging of three rivers- the Ganga, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna- and has a 2,585 sq km wildlife sanctuary that extends into Bangladesh. The Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the world’s largest estuarine sanctuary, has some of India’s most interesting wildlife, and is worth a visit. 
24. Navadvipa: Navadvipa, literally means nine (nava) islands (dvip), is a town consisting of nine islands looking like an eight-petaled lotus flower. Navadvipa, also called as Nabadwip, was the erstwhile capital of Bengal during 12th century. Today it is renowned as the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.The entire Navadvipa region is an aesthetic and spiritual location and it is believed that Sri Gauranga performed the transcendental activities at this place.

25. Mayapur:  It is just 130 km from Kolkata. Mayapur, a serene and scenic place at the confluence of the holy river Ganga with the Jalangi, is a renowned holy place. Mayapur is highly attractive, tranquil and picturesque on the banks of the river Hooghly. 
26. Ghatshila: With a population comprising largely of tribals, the town located along the banks of the Subarnarekha River (‘Subarnarekha’ means golden streak) is known for its scenic beauty, dense forest area and salubrious climate- probably the main reason why it is getting popular with the travellers from West Bengal, who frequent Ghatsila for a quite weekend gateway.The pride and lifeline of the people of Ghatsila is the beautiful Subarnarekha RiverThe river,  geographically placed between two mountain ranges makes a very pretty picture especially in the morning and afternoon, when the sunrays fall on the banks.

27. Chandipur : A blissful place with silvery sand and green casuarina groves in the backdrop.You are definitely going to visit this place a second time for the beautiful silvery sands and the beaches.
28. Bishnupur: An offbeat weekend gateway.Bishnupur is located 150 km from Kolkata in the Bankura district of West Bengal. Known for its terracotta and Baluchri saris, Bishnupur, however, is more famous for its unique terracotta temples. The temples of Bishnupur are mostly built in Eka-Ratna style- a square flat-roofed building with curved cornices, surmounted by a pinnacle and a Garbhagriha flanked by a porch on each side with three multi-cusped arches.
29. Durgapur: 180 Kms from Kolkata. a major rice-trading center and an industrial town situated along the banks of Damodar River. It has become quite a popular hangout place for youngsters, who look for western trends, modern cuisine and entertainment. When in Durgapur dont miss the Durgapur Barrage, Kumarmangalam Park, and Troika Park for kids


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